Slat-Wall Storage

Slat-Wall is the perfect storage addition to your garage. Whether as a single system or to complement a garage cabinet and overhead storage system. Slat-Wall offers a different take on storage. With 5 different wall hooks and 2 different basket sizes, storage options are nearly endless.

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Wall Storage System
Hang your equipment on the wall
Hang your equipment on the wall
Wall Basket Storage
Wall Storage Hooks
  • Wall Hanger Accessory

Wall Storage

Slide-Lok's Slat-Wall storage system is an excellent addition to your garage storage project. Add extra storage above your workbench, or perhaps you don't want a wall of cabinets and prefer hangers and baskets instead. Slat-Wall is a great storage alternative to traditional cabinets or nails in a wall.


Slide-Lok's Slat-Wall storage is similar to our other products in a way that form follows function. In that sense you can mix and match our hanging accessories to truly customize the way your slat-wall looks and functions. Five (5) different slat-wall hooks/hangers, and two (2) different sized wall baskets give you the ultimate in storage flexibility.

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