Overhead Storage Racks

Looking for extra storage space? You'd probably think of garage cabinets first, but surely there's another option? There is! Overhead ceiling storage racks are made of strong and durable steel. And with height adjustability our overhead storage racks fit just about any ceiling space be it in the garage or extra spaces you want storage in your home. Overhead storage is complementary to our cabinets in the sense that they are also modular in design. You can mix and match different units in way you like to utilize every last bit of spare space you might have. Installs around existing garage doors and openers, so as to not disturb your existing used space you'll still gain storage that you never knew you had.

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Modular Overhead Racks

Slide-Lok's Overhead storage is similar to our storage cabinets, in that they are both modular in design. You can mix and match different sizes to fill the ceiling space in your garage just the way you want to. Reclaim storage space that you never knew you had!

Overhead Platforms

Slide-Lok's overhead platforms are capable of holding a higher volume of storage than any other individual overhead rack product. The maximum weight of our overhead platforms correspond to the size of the platform; as the size increases, so does the maximum allowable weight of the storage to be placed on it. Overhead storage is excellent for any home owner that has an abundance of boxes, bins or larger items. Organizing the garage has never been simpler, especially with space you never realized you could use.

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