Garage Floor Coatings

Our coating systems offer an excellent way to make any concrete surface look attractive, not dull and boring like concrete of yesterday. We'll help you choose a coating based on your performance requirements and budget.

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Choose a chemistry

Coatings is a general term, we offer more than one type of chemistry because coatings are not all the same. We cater to your price and the performance you're looking for. Polyaspartic is 4x more abrasion resistant than Epoxy, and installs in 1 day compared to 2+ for epoxy. Epoxy is a little less expensive but just as competitve in chemical resistance. And for the pure cosmetic budget we offer a new acrylic sealer. We're here to cater to your needs, let us help you pick a coating system.

Durable Garage Floor Coatings

Regardless of which chemical system you go with, there are pros and cons to all. Our favorite system is definitely the polyaspartic garage floor coating. That's because not too long ago it revolutionized the industry with 1 day floor installs. The chemistry cures in a very broad range of temperatures and still exhibits excellent physical characteristics you expect. Such as 4x more abrasion resistance than epoxy. Excellent adhesion to concrete. And UV stability. Not all floors are created equally, the preperation of the concrete is just as important as the chemistry and sometimes more so. For more information hit that contact button, and we'll gladly educate you on the topic.

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