Classic Garage Cabinets

Slide-Lok brand classic storage cabinets are available in four different thermofused finishes. Each finish brandishes a natural wood grain look. Our storage cabinet system consists of 10 different cabinets that mix and match to create the perfect storage solution for your garage.

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Slide-Lok brand Garage Cabinets and Corvette
Natural Wood Grain Cabinets
Plywood Cabinets
Classic DIY Garage Cabinets
Classic Garage Cabinets and Shelves
  • Storage Cabinet Drawer Option
  • DIY Dovetail cabinet

Modular Storage Cabinets

Slide-Lok's garage storage cabinets really change the way you think of custom cabinets. Offering 10 different storage cabinet sizes and standard colors allows us to keep minimal stock, while offering endless modular possibilities. Mix and match any cabinet size to get a truly custom fit for your garage or any room of your home.

Patented Dovetail Design

Slide-Lok's cabinets have always been DIY friendly. Slide-Lok's patented Dovetail design cabinets make assembly easy for the do it yourselfer. Each cabinet component slides together with minimal force and effort. Though, we also offer our professional installation services in case you're not looking to tackle this yourself.

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